Manufacturers will sometimes print ANYTHING on their labels to entice the consumer.  Sometimes the information is true, other times… not so much. We all want to do the best we can for ourselves and our families, but who can you trust?

–GLUTEN FREE: These products are great if you have celiac disease or a gluten intolerance. They are not healthier, just necessary. However, if you take something out, you must put something back in. So they add more sugar or fat to make it palatable. They are usually made with rice flour which comes with concerns as well. So don’t load up on these products if they are not medically necessary.

–NON-GMO:  Most states do not require products to identify if they have ingredients that have been genetically modified. Especially foods with corn or soy which are most commonly modified. However, if you see this label its pretty reliable. Also, if its organic it can’t be a GMO product.

–NO TRANS FATS: With these labels, there are still dangers so beware. If a product has  <0.5% of a trans fat, it’s labeled 0! Cooking oils (palm or coconut) have trans fats and can affect your heart health. So stick to EVOO or canola to be safe.

–HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP: So what’s in a name? Sugar is sugar is sugar !!! In this case, the name is just another form of ADDED sugar. Either way, it’s not good and we already know that. Try to stick to natural sugars in fruits and veggies. And don’t be fooled into thinking things like ” brown sugar”, “agave” or “honey” are anything but.. added sugar.

It’s important to read labels and know what you are eating, but never believe  EVERYTHING you read.





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As a physician, I am familiar with how the body works and what it takes to keep it running properly. More people are overweight and obese in this country than ever before. We have to take steps to stem this tide, especially for our kids.

One of the ways to start this change is by developing a different relationship with our food. Learning to file our bodies and our minds by changing ONE FOOD AT A TIME!

PANTRY MAKEOVER: Once you decide to make the change, it’s best to do it gradually. One step at a time, and one food at a time (to prevent a family revolt for one thing). Also, you will be less likely to be depressed or feel deprived of certain foods.

WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: Finding and maintaining a healthy weight can sometimes be a daunting challenge. But we all know “yo-yo” dieting NEVER works. Learning HOW to eat, WHEN to eat and WHAT to eat are the keys to permanent lifestyle changes.

EXERCISE: If you’re looking for weight loss, it does not happen without exercise. If you are banking on overall better health, you have to MOVE. Start slow, go slow. Walk, run, dance, bike, stretch. Whatever it takes. Commit to it and start TODAY.

SUPERMARKET TOURS: One of the most important ways to make your change permanent is to know what you are eating. The best way to do that is to learn to read labels! It’s also impossible to be successful without learning to navigate the aisles of your local supermarket safely. For example, fresh foods and vegetables around the outside, processed foods in the middle. BEWARE!

Change Starts Here


Love What You Eat

Love What You Eat By Nickie MartinThe true food pyramid

How certain foods affect us

Learn MINDFUL eating

What are the CLEAN 15

Why do we eat certain foods

How to change ONE food at a time

Step by step guide on making changes

Why these changes will save your life



Success Stories

“I learned to think about what I was eating BEFORE I put it in my mouth. Soon the change just became second nature.”
– Monique L

“My health has really turned around since I gave up the processed foods. I don’t eat perfectly, but I’m getting better and feeling better—One Food AT A TIME.”
– Felece M

“It took my family a little while to get on board with my new eating plan. But introducing the changes SLOWLY made the transition much less challenging.”
– Jennifer E

Change Starts Here


Change Your Life

Our mission educates the reader about the many factors that contribute to overeating and obesity while teaching the importance of mindful eating for longterm health and wellness. Learning to eat differently without starving your body or your wallet is our unique approach. This program will give you the options you want and the simplicity you desire!

Change Starts Here


Get Moving

Warm Up

You should never start exercising, even walking, without a warm up period. Stiff, cold muscles are easily injured or torn when stretched too fast, too far. Slow easy movements 3-5 min for all areas involved.


A great way to get started, especially if you’ve been on the couch for the last few years. There are many courses for beginners and even seniors. If you’re really inflexible consider “hot yoga”. It warms deep tissues which makes it easier to stretch.


Another low impact exercise, that has a high impact on your health. For those with poor posture and/or back pain, this is great for core strengthening and stretching. Beginners welcome.


It’s the easiest, least expensive exercise that exists. You do need good shoes, but other than that, just walk out the door, around the office or through the mall. You’ll build strength and stamina in no time.


The second easiest exercise after walking. All you need is good shoes and off you go. This is a great way to burn calories fast. The more you run, the better you feel. Don’t focus on pace or distance, just keep moving.

Resistance/Weight Training

As with any other new endeavor, “start low, go slow”. Isometric exercise can help get muscles used to working. Use machines over free weights and pay close attention to body mechanics.


What a great way to spend time with your kids. Once you learn you never forget. Start just around the neighborhood on a smooth flat surface, then progress to hills. Stationary bikes are just as good, but make sure to add a little resistance.


If you have arthritis or severe injuries, this is the exercise for you. “NO” impact on joints, but helps increase flexibility and strength. Its resistance training without the weights.

Change Starts Here


Snacks To Live By

Apple/Kale/Avocado Smoothie: Easy to make and full of good carbs and good fat. You’ll be satiated for hours. Add some nuts or flaxseed for protein and enjoy.

Peanut Butter/Banana Mix: This is great before a workout. Lots of energy, and it will keep you going even during an intense workout. Use PLAIN yogurt as your base to control sugar intake

Hummus: There are many different flavors  to choose from, and it can be used to top meat, veggies, and pita or crackers. Great on the go or between meals.

Healthy Wraps: Wraps can be a great source of fiber. Make sure you fill them with high quality protein. Try to buy tortillas without sugar.

Crunchy: Chewing is better and keeps you full longer than drinking. If you need crunch, choose pretzels over chips. Watch the salt content, and add some protein. Popcorn (air popped) is another good choice.

Change Starts Here


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